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Why I Celebrate Life: a Letter from Erika Walton

4:31 pm April 24, 2012



Often I hear people bitch about their lives. They whine and complain about how they don’t have enough money, how nobody loves them, how they’re getting fat… 

It’s like, STFU. 

Why neglect our lives, when we can celebrate it?! 

Celebrating is where the magic of life happens anyway. When we celebrate we’re saying life is fabulous, it’s our playground. We’re saying Hakuna Matata. 

Life is wonderful, but only if we let it.  

Here’s a 6-step process to turning a complaint into a celebration:

1. Notice the next time you’re bitching or whining or complaining. 

2. Allow yourself to be with the situation a little longer and then ask yourself where you can take responsibility for the situation. 

3. Forgive yourself.

4. Wonder what’s missing and then wonder if it’s really missing.  

5. Celebrate that whatever is missing can be found. 

6. Lastly, celebrate the miracles in your life. 


Every time I go through this process, I find my celebration makes whatever I needed magically show up. Like when I go from complaining about love to celebrating love, more love shows up. 

Celebration, I’ve noticed, attracts the warm, cuddly goodness of life. 

That’s why I celebrate life. 

This is living a life that’s magical with Erika Walton. 

Big Kisses.


P.S. We donated fabulous jewelry to the GLAAD Awards because we celebrate equality and all the hard work they have done for the LGBT community!


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