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Why a Magical Loving Relationship would End

2:06 pm May 10, 2012


Magical, loving relationships do end.

But they don’t end because of moronic reasons like cheating or losing affection or disappointed expectations. They end for a special reason that only the couples with the most magical, loving relationship know. They end because the two love bugs live into different futures

Like if one of us wants to sell all our things, buy around the world tickets, and travel the world, but the other wants to settle down and have kids, we live into different futures.

Like if one of us wants to date other people, but the other wants to be in a committed relationship, we live into different futures.

A couple with a magical, loving relationship would never end for any other reason. Magical love is love that’s stubborn. A couple that has it, knows they can make ANYTHING work, personality, culture, Zodiac signs, whatever differences DON’T MATTER. Magical, loving relationships don’t fall for that bullshit. 

A magical, loving relationship’s future aligns. Meaning, both partners are in agreement and are supportive in each other’s dreams. 

The only reason they would break up is if their dreams don’t align. They are clear if one of them were to sacrifice his or her dreams to be with the other, he or she would eventually resent the other. It would ruin and rot their relationship. This clearing is what creates a magical, loving relationship. :) 

*Written by James Wong

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