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Trust Issues: A Magical Note

1:20 pm May 29, 2012


When she first introduces herself to me, I can see my suspicion. 

My eyes widen, my legs tighten, and my breath shortens. I don’t know her, so I don’t trust her. 

Until I do… 

Until we have our first 3-hour conversation about coffee, sushi, rainbows, Kettle potato chips, Metro buses, and the deliciousness of Mexican street corn at the coffee shop where we met. 

Until we go on a weekend road trip and stop by farmers’ markets and bargain for already cheap fruits, vegetables, and jam, and then drive 100mph up the Pacific Coast Highway with the sky roof open singing at the top of our lungs. 

Until I learn a little bit more about her character, I learn she can sing and she writes the song lyrics on the wall, she gets lost driving just so she can find her own way back home, and how she hates when people touch her, but loves to hold my hand. 

Until then I won’t trust her… 

And when I do, how much would I trust her, enough to give her my smile, my heart?

I was fine before I met her. And I’ll be fine if she’s gone. 

The question then: Will I close my eyes, hold her hand, and leap or not? 

Either way I’ll be fine. When I get that straight, my trust issues end.

Written by James Wong

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