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Starting the Japan trip!

8:35 am September 24, 2011

hi, hello, how are you all?!?! I know I have not been a very good blogger, I give major props to those consistent writers! Im promising I wont leave you this long again.

So right now im in JAPAN! I’m gonna update you with the past few months…. right now! Then skip to my trip to JAPAN, SO KAWAII!

Since my last entry, a million things have gone on. It was my birthday on June 26, 2011, I turned 24! I went to Disneyland

with my friend Ptah and his girlfriend Megan, they are so awesome! Right after that I went to Santa Cruz, CA where Im from and spent a week with my family and swam in the pool a lot! Luna Lovegood got her cast taken off and she is doing so much better. She has grown so much and im really proud of her!!! Hmmm, what else…. Oh ya! We went to COMIC CON, wow that was wild and fun! We drove down there last minuet and set up a booth, it was a great show and we are excited to go back next year. comic con, san diego, alter ego by erika walton jewelry, erika walton jewelry, looney tunes, super heros, batman, superman, wonder woman, green lantern, tweety bird, warner brothersI also did a show in Las Vegas. I really haven’t been at home, seriously going everywhere. That is a little catch up for ya!

Presently has been just as insane, I have had nonstop company staying in my apartment for 2 weeks!japan, target, dog bone, jewelry, shopping, fun, food, drinking, ethiopian food, family Parents, friends and my rep from Japan! Roscoes chicken and waffles, jewelry, japan, food, shopping, alter ego by erika walton jewelry, jewelry Now, Im in Japan!!! So happy about it, this is going to be a very long trip, I come back September 26, 2011. First will be the always fabulous ROOMS Tradeshow in Tokyo, after we will go to Korea to visit stores and wander around, our final stop will be in Osaka…. Stay tuned I will tell you all about everything on my trip! Big hugs and thank you for the support!

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