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Living a Life that’s Magical?

10:45 am April 13, 2012

Living a Life that’s Magical?

Magical has two best friends, young and fun. Magical makes life a wondrous, precious place and brings in warmth and cuddles but not annoying or boring.

Magical is artistic, elegant, but sassy and cute.  And magical certainly has our dreams come true.

Rainbows are magical. Mermaids and unicorns too.

Magical is following our passions, being original and hot, living a life of adventure and spontaneity, and acting when we fall in love.

Magical is our greatest childhood memories. Like slumber parties.

Magical are all of our smiles

Magical is something we can’t live without.  It’s the kisses, the yummy food, and shooting stars.

What’s so precious is, we are all born magical. And everyday, we get a chance to embrace it!


To my magical friends, stay tuned; there will be lots of more updates and blog articles to come.

We’re growing a culture, … a culture of being young, fun, sassy, playful, elegant and adorable.

This is living a life that’s magical with Erika Walton.

Big kisses.

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