Tue 20th April 21

How to Wake Up feeling Magical: a Letter from Erika Walton

2:48 pm May 2, 2012


Do you wake up feeling like shi!t sometimes? You got a decent amount of beauty sleep but you still feel like a drag queen? 

I had the same issue. It wasn’t until I did a little research and found out the likely boogieman.

LOW-BLOOD SUGAR, following overnight fasting.

Before getting into your soft, fluffy bed, try eating a small snack to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood.

Here are some yummy snacks I love:

  • Brie cheese and an apple!
  • A few sticks of celery with almond butter!
  • A cutie and handful of almonds!

And abracadabra! You’ll magically feel fabulous and sassy in the morning!

This is living a life that’s magical with Erika Walton.

Big Kisses.


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