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How To Be Thoroughly Used Up When You Die

12:47 pm May 16, 2012


The harder I work the harder I live. 

But not cheap work. 

I don’t do the work that modern society expects of me. I don’t do replicable, easy to follow, or ordinary work. 

There’s an alternative. 


I work without a map, I take on big projects with big breakdowns, I lead, I connect, and I make an impact. I make myself irreplaceable. 

Why? Because I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. 

I want to leave this earth knowing I left giving it everything I got and the only way I can do that is by being above and beyond who I see myself to be. 

That’s why my work is worth making, it’s worth talking about. It’s for the world. And, it isn’t safe. I stay away from being safe because safe, is mediocre. Safe is being afraid to take a risk that could possibly shake the world. Safe is being vulnerable, and being vulnerable is scarce. Scarcity is valuable. 

At least once in your life, you’ve been this person. You’ve done the work that matters. You’ve worked harder than normal, and you lived harder than normal. 

You might have been the doctor who spends an extra two minutes with his patients, the teacher who uses the lesson plan as a starting point but not the destination, the boyfriend first to apologize, or the first to quit smoking cigarettes and then getting your community involved. 

The question I ask myself is, 

“How long will it take to be this person again?” 

When I lose sight of this person I know I am, how quickly can I get back on it?

“How soon can I shake the world again?”

And then I begin to fly. 

*Written by James Wong

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