Tue 2nd March 21

Back in Japan

  We are back again! We have done it before and this last week was another trip to the beautiful Tokyo, Japan. What better way to tell a story then through pictures! Enjoy our journey through the magical town!            

Unmask Your Alter Ego

    Do you ever feel as though you have two sides, as though you are one way and yet yearn to be someone else in another moment? Having an alter ego is not necessarily designed to escape or get away from the normal ‘you’ but rather to expand on your already existent self expression. […]

Back to School in Style

  Back to school and ready to give back. Round up parents, friends and family! Although you may find your fabulous finds of backpacks at Target and the newest jean trends at T. J. Maxx, why not be the one to add a little extra flair? With our expansion of Erika Walton Jewelry dino earrings, […]

Shark Week Inspired Earrings

    It’s been going on for 25 years. Happy Anniversary to Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK.  This week, the infamous Shark Week is back and Erika Walton Jewelry is paying special homage. You saw them here first when our #DinoEarrings made it big. So we are bringing you an exclusive look into our newest collection: […]

Jewels Around the World

  Cheers to our newest extended family!   Check out all the stores that support us here! We wouldn’t be where we are today with you all. We are constantly expanding in stores worldwide so keep a look out for new store names.   Step into any of these locations either by foot or by […]

10 Years, Still Going Strong

WOW! Dear friends, family and fans! This is it! We have reached our 10 year anniversary thanks to all of you. Read along for a special one-on-one interview with none other than the Erika Walton…   Q: How does it feel having your company reach its 10-year anniversary? A: It makes me feel old, but […]

Comic Con Rewind

It was time to suit up this past weekend! Erika Walton Jewelry’s booth had a great view of all those storm troopers, Twilight fans and superheroes at this year’s Comic Con. The earrings were the greatest hit this year. From our infamously known Dino-earrings to the debut animal earrings, we were sold out!   Thanks […]

Yippee for Whoopi!

That’s right, fans. The Whoopi Goldberg has been seen sporting our jewelry on The View…twice! She was rocking our Looney Tunes Porky Pig Bracelet on yesterday’s show and Yosemite Sam Bracelet today. The fun Yosemite Sam Looney Tunes piece can be seen as she is hugging Glee’s Chris Colfer. Want instant access to the same […]

Creating the Magic

If you are new to our blog, then you should know that the one word most read about here on our blog space and the one word most said in our office space on a regular basis is magic. We’re all adults here, but as they say, growing old is mandatory and growing up is […]

The Team at Erika Walton Jewelry Spends a week in Chicago!

Erika Walton, faaabuulous jewelry designer, Brit Sharon, POWERhouse social media expert, and James Wong, guy who writes about love a la la lot, spent a week in Chicago!  Our mission: to have as much fun as humanly possible.  Ok, ok, we weren’t there just for the ‘kicks,’ we were also there for a world-class entrepreneurial program held […]