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An interview with Erika Walton: The Launch of the New Mermaid Collection

2:29 pm May 24, 2012

Hi guys!

This is an interview about my new Mermaid Collection! I talk about  how I want to be a Mermaid, Paris Hilton, my design process, the Erika Walton Jewelry style, and being fierce and sexy! 

I cant wait till the Mermaid Collection comes out! Love you guys!



James: Okay … if I was a girl, I would totally wear your new Mermaid Collection! What inspired you?

Erika: I can turn you into a girl. I have magical, mermaid powers. :) Haha anyway, this is going to sound like a fairytale… Not too long ago I went home to Santa Cruz, California I was outside on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather and the glittery ocean and I was like, “OMG I WANT TO BE A MERMAID!”

As I was walking along, I met this sweet lady wearing a mermaid charm necklace. IMMEDIATELY, in my head, I was like Ewwwww gross! That is NOT a charm necklace for mermaids! 

In that moment, I was inspired to finally design something I’ve always dreamt of..  the awesome-est, magical jewelry collection for mermaids!

James: Wowzers! And why do you love mermaids so much? 

Erika: Mermaids are my favorite magical creatures! Why? Because they are so strong and fierce, and yet hot and sexy. Mermaids, I believe, are a strong female icons that we never think of. I want to bring Mermaids back. I want to celebrate Mermaids! 

James: Fierce but sexy?? Sounds great to me.. I’m curious Erika, your last line, Sleepy Hollow, is like the complete opposite of your new Mermaid Collection, was that intended? How does that fit into your style of jewelry? 

Erika: Yes, the Mermaid collection was intended to be the opposite of Sleepy Hollow. I thought it would be fun to do both a dark and light jewelry line for this Spring and Summer collections. I thought it would be really cool to have a Sleepy Hollow line to go out with at night that makes you seem mysterious, rebellious, and fashion forward. Then during the day have an exciting, glittery collection to wear and have people checking you out! 

Erika Walton Jewelry will always be big, fun, and magical. It my style! I’ll always design my collections to be something bold, noticeable, and worth talking about. 

James: I love it. What was your process for designing the Mermaid Collection? 

Erika: I’ve always wanted to design a jewelry line for Mermaids. So this has been a long process. At least 8 years! I remember when I was 16 or 17 years old, I was a really big fan of Paris Hilton. I bought her biography when it came out and in it, there’s this photo of her looking like a magical Mermaid. I remember thinking what jewelry I could design that she could wear for that photo. 

When I was finally motivated to make the Mermaid Collection after seeing that sweet lady’s appalling mermaid charm necklace, I had a lot of ideas to getting started even separate lines for different types of mermaids. -haha more on that on launch day. 

James: 8 years?! You must of loved all those child Mermaid movies. Last question, whose your newest Mermaid Collection for? 

Erika: I love all those movies. This collection is part of bringing back those magical childhood moments! Hmm you know, the Mermaid Collection really isn’t for anyone particular.  But if I was to pick, I’d say the collection is for the beach bunnies with coconut sun tan oil all over them having a pina colada on the beach! Or for all the hot, sexy ladies at the Miami vacation beach party! Or for girls who have summer flings! It’s for magical, sparkly, glittery girls who love to have fun! 

James: :) Anything you like to leave your fans with? 

Erika: Life is magical guys. Big kisses. 



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