Fri 5th March 21

2:34 pm June 23, 2011

Jewelry has been crazy busy!  We have new interns named Jackie

and Taylor, who are more than awesome and P’tah has joined the team as a manager.  The team just keeps growing; we have more interns starting in a week too!

Press, press, press!

Erika Walton jewelry was featured on E! Entertainment news! On June 7, 2011, Catt Sadler was bedazzled with a Classic Green Lantern Necklace and gifted it to Blake Lively.  We hope Blake flaunts the necklace sometime soon!  On June 18, it was on CNN newsGrae Drake from Popcornmafia and rocked the Flashy Green Lantern Necklace as she gave her review on the Green Lantern movie!  The jewelry also has been featured in several blogs, take a look!

Christina Elaine

LA Fashion Snob

Patonie Pony

Spaz Magazine

Pick Out Artists

A big THANK YOU goes out to the E! Entertainment channel, Popcorn Mafia and all of the bloggers! We couldn’t do it with out all of you, I feel a brand is only as big as its supporters!

Have a good week!

P.S. OH! Its my birthday June 26!!!!!! Im excited!

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